Wednesday, May 17

Shots in the dark
Because its a while since I've updated this, I've got a bit to write but I'm putting it in different windows so it doens't look so huge!! On Monday I had a very fun time shooting children in the dark... and I got the high score 2/3 games. No really... to give you the full picture, I have been helping out at Submerge for the last term (and plan to continue) and this week we had a girls night - and did an ungirly thing which they all loved and went to Zone 3. Admittedly it might have been my idea... and it was great! Coming up this saturday is Woody's rollerworld (ok so i didn't know it still existed, but apparently its moved from my younger days!) and hten a sleep over with ALL the kids at church afterwards. Could be fun. Or could be very tiring... hurrah - bring it on!

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JacWabbit said...

Yay! I'm glad to see you back and posting again. Hope the study is going well and stuff. I'm sorry I'll miss the films. Say Hi to K and R for me, and the boys!
Lots of love-