Monday, May 29

still alive
Just a little entry - I'm still alive and kicking, however I'm supposed to be spending close to every minute of the day studying. Or something.
In reality - I have been doing quite a lot, although that has also involved the for-runners of studying... like making lots of lists of things to learn. Now to learn to learn them.
But of course, because I can never do only one thing for that long, I've also done this and that - went out to yummy Annapurna (indian) restaraunt for Tahnee's 21st dinner with lots of her other friends, as well as to Kaos for a 'coffee'=[lush] white hot chocolate afterwards. Yesterday i went to church twice! Margate in the morning and Bay West's Sunday Night Live with some other friends in the evening... It was nice to see lots of people I knew there. And I studied. Today I'll study. Tomorrow I'll go to uni for a couple of things, and study. Hurrah.
Oh.. but I heard that Mum and Hamish had a lovely time in Melbourne and they told me they are very nice people which means they bought me 'Lord of the Rings: Confrontation' - a fun lookig 2 player board game. Have yet to set eyes on it, but I'm sure it is a good study break tool!!!

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