Monday, May 22

practice practical test
Just a quick note cos I'm relieved... We did a practice practical test a few weeks ago and in last week's practical with Dr Assenheimer he said we hadn't done very well as a group (ie. 'you should sit down before you see your results!') I was beginning to wonder how I went. As it turns out, despite bombing out on his section (1/2 out of 4) I did fine on the rest - even quite well! 35&1/2 out of 50! Hooray. Anyway... lots more to learn before exams but I'd got a little worried when people kept spouting things I had no idea about. Feel better now. And I did know some of the other ones I got wrong too. So... plan is.. study hard... and play hard (This weekend brings Augie March gig, and Tahnee's 21st birthday dinner at Annapurna - yum yum!)

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