Saturday, November 26

Souper Duper Cold!

Well its chilly enough in little Higham Ferres this morning. We have have been selling soup at the farmers market here - just having a quick sit in the library to warm up the old toes, then back to it! Its still a bit quiet but I think it will pick up as it gets closer to lunch time!! The lovely soups on offer today are spicy parsnip, celery and stilton, leek and potato, and carrot and coriander. Having sampled them all several times this morning (nice to hold a cup to keep my hands warm) I'd suggest you all come and buy some.. but I guess thats not gonna happen!!! Anyway... back to it!


kat said...

oh dear. sorry. i never did get you those soup recipes! the ones they have sound awesome!

mm. carrot and coriander. i love coriander. i'm growing some in a window box, as well as parsley, thyme, oregano and basil.

CupKate said...

No worries about the recipes - we seemed to do ok! Sold it all apart from one little pot worth £2.95 of Leek and Potato. Decided it wasn't worth waiting in the cold to sell it at that point, so we packed up and left. That stall tho.. sposed to take 1 person a few minutes and it took 3 or 4 of us overhalf an hour! More practice needed I guess! And it felt like it would blow away a few times!! Ah well.. a good experience.