Thursday, November 10

This site named above is a very dangerous site... full of tempting offers! I have given up looking for work and instead, after consulting the ryanair website, am concocting a trip next week. My flights were £0.01 and €0.01 plus tax! First, leaving Monday 2 nights in Barcelona, then 2 nights in Sardinia, then back to UK. The hardest bit of all to organise is getting from Stansted airport back to bedford or Wellingborough when the flight gets in around 7pm Friday night! I have booked a hostel in Barcelona and B&B in Alghero, Sardinia! What fun!! Will let post about how it goes! The week after will be busy too - suddenly last week in UK before trip to Morocco and I keep thinking of people to see! Couldn't possibly have fitted a job in as well hehe!

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