Sunday, December 11

Tagine and Couscous land

Tomorrow I leave Marocco after a fun filled and action packed 2 weeks. We've been all over the place and had a brilliant time!
By the way this keyboard is not a nice qwerty so this is taking me much longer than usual and somethings i just cant find!!
Anyway my trip to Marocco got off to a bad start when I turned up at London Gatwick airport at 3pm to find my flight had been changed to that morning. They had emailed me but for some reason I canĂ¹t remember I had put my cousins email address - probably because it was on their credit card!! Anyway instead of arriving an hour before Dad and Kate in Marrakesh, i ended up going via Marseille (which has a fairly boring airport when its 9pm and you didnt want to be there anyway!!) and arriving in Marrakesh about midnight.
The next day we went by bus to Essouaira.. bus was slow - took 5 hours to go 160km, stopping everywhere and then getting stuck in mud!!!
anyway i'm running out of time on the net for today, but we went to Rabat, Casablanca, Meknes, Fes, then thru the Atlas mountains to some little places -about the only name i rememeber is Ouarzazat cos it sounds like 'whereitsat'!!! Some amazing places, hospitality, people, cqrpets, places, food... and lots of Mohammeds!!
If i get a chance i'll describe how coffee with 2 guys turned into buying carpets (easy enough to do) and driving through mountains!!
Anyway all is good, i might be slqck with emails a bit longer sorry... and tomorrow i go bqck to england for a night i don't look forward to-and 6:35am flight to Sweden!!

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Random_Clare said...

ooh how exciting i hope ur njoyin ur trip- sounds fun!