Friday, November 18

drinking cafe latte in italy!

well.. im sitting in a little cafe using a laptop which seems to be padlocked to the trolley... i had to give the guy my passport before i could use the computer, but he gave it back which was a relief! Ive had a nice day so far wandering around (and around and around.. found the same cathedral at least 4 times just wandering!). Lots of things shut at about 12 for lunch or siesta or something.. whcih seems to be until about 4 or half past... so ill go out shortly and see more things again. Its also fairly quiet cos its winter so some things arent open at all.. but the old city has nice walls and alleys and things and is pleasant to wander around.

I also had a good 2 days in barcelona.. did some shopping! barcelona has this vibe about it that you cant help shopping!! but i also enjoyed just walking in the streets, and the market, and Las Ramblas.. and eventually on the 2nd day i went to see the Sagrada Familia again and some other Gaudi architecture. I even ate some tapas at the restaraunt TapaTapa which i remembered from last year.

anyway.. time to see more of sardinia.. hopefully caves tomorrow but the only bus is at 9:15 so ill have to wake earlier than i did today!!

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