Saturday, November 26


Hi to any little blog-followers. Its nice to get messages from you now and then - thanks for those!
Anyway I've just returned to little Rshden (yes the U is left out deliberately to give you an idea of what the locals call the place!) after a week of galivanting around. Amazingly I fitted in all the people I'd aimed for, although it meant there were some fairly brief visits!
The last few days included a visit to Hamish's parents in Hastings and a drive around the area with them - we looked around Old Hastings, Winchelsea, Oxney Marsh and a couple of marshy churches in the area, cheked out the inside of a good English pub, and came back via Bodiam Castle and through Battle (of 1066 fame). The next day (yesterday) we were going to look at a chalk figure in the downs but it was cold and rainy and Chris and Prue and things to do so I sat and played around with some beads Prue was planning to make things out of, before heading over to Chichester. Today Sarah and I went into Chichester and did some CHRISTMAS shopping! Its coming so fast - and I have a fairly full schedule between now and then so it was good to get some more done!

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