Tuesday, November 22

UK travels

I'm back in the UK. Mum's cousin Sarah and partner Jeremy were coming up to Rushden (thats where I'm technically living) on Friday and were able to come via Stansted airport and take me back too. Saw a bit of them on the weekend, went to swimming for the disabled even though it was a freezing cold day and it wasn't really what we felt like! There was frost on the ground ALL DAY - not something that happens ever in llittle old Tasmania! And my we t-shirts on the line were frozen solid! We had a lovely meal with my great Aunt Margaret and everyone else on Saturday night before I went back south with Sarah and Jeremy on Sunday morning - they kindly took me as far as one of the out London tube stops.

Realising that time is going by so fast, I have organised this week to be a whirlwind trip to see some of the people I'd been meaning to see here in the UK! I stayed 1 night in London with Tessa (friends of my aunt and uncle from home), tonight is with the Church family who have 3 lovely kids, then tomorrow I head to Hastings to meet Hamish's parents and sister and family. I plan to have 2 nights there and then stay 1 night with Sarah and Jeremy in Chichester. All that before getting back to Rushden on Friday in time for soup selling at the farmers market on Saturday. Rachel and Gordon are going to France for Sunday night so I get to look after the kidliewinks, before heading off myself to Morocco on Monday... I do think the time is going to go quite fast and I'll be home in no time!

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kat said...

just letting you know that you are loved and dearly missed.

sounds like you're having an awesome time. wish i was there with you.