Thursday, June 9


Well - I as the expert blogger wrote a post yesterday, then when I tried to be too smart and add pictures using my non-user friendly mac somehow it got lost in the dark void of deleted text. So - as I had said written, last week (Wednesday till Sunday) I was involved in running a year 7/8 camp. We had 25 campers and although the girls were rather outnumbered everyone had a good time. We had a fun filled and action packed programme - with crafts (including making hackey sacks, felt whales, big bubble blowing, hot air balloons, card making, cartooning etc), archery, war canoes, volleyball, maypole, war canoes and dodgeball (and our variation: Glennball). Through the camp we talked about the story of Jonah - although if you ask the campers you may hear a version which includes perhaps unfamiliar characters such as the oompaloompas, squeaking porpoises, and the mississippi steam ship! With or without these guest appearances we now all now the story quite well. As well as the year 7/8 campers we had a ring in year 4 boy (my cousin!), a year 6 junior camper, some grade 9 senior campers, a grade 10 junior leader, and the mostly year 11/12 leaders. With the support of a few more experienced old hands, these college age leaders did an absolutely fantastic job at running games, studies, small groups, crafts and generally making camp a success! So my first camp as a director seemed to go off well (and I've nearly caught up on sleep) and I'm keen for my next camp... which I believe will be in August :)

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