Friday, June 10

falling into place

Just now seems to be a fairly hectic time - I'm finishing up at work tomorrow before heading to England next week. This might explain the slight looming deadline feeling I have mixed with uncontainable excitement which expresses itself as far too many things going round my head at once. So I've got some things organised - SERVAS, British Passport (yes I am British Citizen now and am therefore entitled to whinge enough to make up for 18 years of not being a pom), flights, accomodation etc. There are other things on my 'list' which have not yet received attention, but finally I have a blog, and while avoiding the other things I can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing I went into the source html of my blog in order to make links, and random comments on my site. I have yet to make the photos work but it is coming! Hooray.

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