Wednesday, June 15

The day has arrived but it is still night.

'Am I excited?' People keep asking this question so there is obviously something big happening... what could it be?! Oh yes. Today. I'm going to England. Yikes - Sometimes I think it has registered and sometimes I think I'll wake up in the morning and have vegemite on my toast and go about the day as usual. However as I have a flight at 10:10 I probably shouldn't be too laid back! That and its after 1am and I'm nearly packed and ready... a few stresses due to my last minute decision to get a Britrail train pass which I have not yet quite organised.. but if it doens't work... um oh well! Otherwise CV is done, packing is done, most htings on my list can be ticked.. just have to zip up my pack and put a lock on it! Oh and shut down the lap top which is still exporting last years 8426 photos so i can fit some more! Probably should have done that before tonight but it is taking longer than I expected! So... next time I post I will be upside down in the summery Northern Hemisphere. Wahoo. Goodnight.

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