Wednesday, June 29


Sunday - arrived in Podington to see my great aunt and uncle. David isn´t looking very well - and later that day was sent to hospital to have a lung effusion (?). Apparently felt much better after going in and being given oxygen. Apart from that, we had a rest in the afternoon - had been doig lots and not caught up on sleep for a while!! Went to mum´s cousin Rachel and Gordons for dinner, Gregory (other cousin who is disabled) was there, as well as children Helen, Jenny and Robert. It is at their place I will be staying later on.
MOnday- very quiet day, slept in, did washing, Mum and Margaret went to visit David in the hospital in the evening, and we didn´t do much else. Made bags lighter for Ryanair flight (15kg limit)
Tuesday - got up early, drove to Stansted. I was in a daze most of the way - couldn´t stay awake even though i was navigating! Lined up for ages, i did a last minute job of getting a resume in envelope to send to a school (where Jean Richardsons sister works!!) I already sent one to the school where their kids go via Rachel! Anyway, arrived in Santiago, found hotel - not bad choice. Clean and there´s a lift up the 6 floors! Wandered round shops - tahnee bought a nice leather jacket, then we wandered to old city. wandered back to find food and as we had no idea what we were ordering, had some fun... and then accidently ordered frogs legs and ears... interesting. legs were nice, but ear was sticky. Also had potato, bread, calamari.. nice normal tapas!!
anyway today we went to go to the cathedral but got there after service started. Will try again tomorrow. Had churros with chocolate for breakfast! now on for the day... OH and i sold my works that were in the Handmark Gallery! Yay!

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