Sunday, June 19

28 degrees

So day 3 London - already we have done so much.
After arriving wednesday we went to Oxford St and wandered around some shops. It was (in true British summer fashion) raining. After tiring of looking at lots of shops which seemed quite similar (and often expensive) we headed back down the tube and popped up again close to the British Musuem. After eating the remainder of our sandwiches from lunch on the steps of the museum we dived in headfirst (metaphorically speaking) for a tour of the Islamic art section. The tour lead by a somehow very stereoptypical pommie, slightly geeky, but very knowleadgeable guide, I really enjoyed learning a bit more about some of the beautiful items. Indian restaraunt nearby for dinner before collapsing!
Thursday, we once again took a while to get going in the morning but we enjoyed the free breakfast (mostly because it was free - cornflakes and toast are good but there's no marmite!). We went to the embankment with a few tube adventures on hte way - went halfway to wimbledon by mistake. Made it to the Embankment, thought about going on the London Eye but saw the queue and decided we didn't have time, so we wandered along, found some lunch and headed for Shakespeare's Globe.
We arrived in time to get a good... piece of ground for our 6 pound standing tickets for the Tempest. It was a fantastic show - only 3 male actors plus 3 (strong) girls in black who weren't characters but sort of assisted with the story - dancing, moving things, etc. The actors were so good - changing roles really well - Caliban/Frederick/some other character was particularly good. And not the ugly version of Caliban either!!!
From there we went to the Tate Modern to see the Frida Kahlo exhibition which was great althugh we had museum feet/head by the end (having stood for 2 hours at the Tempest). We ate dinner nearby before going to the National Theatre to see 'The house of Bernada Alba'. It was quite god but we had slip seats - ie right at the very top on the very side! So.. hard to see facial expressions which made it harder to tune into. It was well done, a particularly impressive set but i did get sleepy (jet lag doesn't help).
Tried not to waste any time this morning before heading straight to Portobello market. Spent quite a while wandering through there - it was hot by 10am. Found a cool 'punky fish' shop - Tahnee bought a cool top but the ones on sale didn't relly fit me and I was too stingy (and hot) to buy a cool red jumper i found - you could wear it facing either direction and it had cool zips. Otherwise there was lots of jewellery and silver forks and spoons. And peole. We met up with my Mum again and went on a round about trip to the nearest tube station - mostly involving trudging a large block before getting back to somewhere we had been and getting on a bus to take us there. From there we went to Soho to find China Town for lunch - yum cha/dim sum. Very nice. Bigger range than i'd seen before.. had strange 'sweet water chestnut cake' or something - it was like fried yellow sweet jelly with water chestnut bits. Couldn't eat the whole piece but it was intriguing. Walked through Picadilly Circus, bought a cool top with london tube map so i won't be lost next time!!
Now back at London House hostel - just a moment ago there were 5 of us on the computers and we discovered we were all Aussies, and wait - one of the others from Hobart taught at GYC and knows Kate (Dads wife!). Tonight we are going to the London Symphony Orchestra (thanks to Tahnee planning) to hear a cello sonata and something else!
OH and did I mention its HOT! Its about 28-30 I'd say. Tomorrow is forecast to be max 31. And yes the pom's (or one i talked to on the train) were complaining about it!!


tahnz said...

Hey Kate,

Wasn't Caliban/Ferdinand HUNKY??

CupKate said...

Yep... wasn't really a problem that he didn't wear a proper shirt for the entire performace!

CupKate said...

I just realised... my days were out of synch... i blame jet lag. We arrived on thursday, did tempest etc on friday and portabello market on saturday!! ah well... wondered why the days didn't add up!