Saturday, May 28

Emerging into the world of blogging

A whole new world appears before my eyes - the wonders and possibilities astound. Ok so I only just got myself a blog. This could be the beginning of something that takes time I probably don't have spare, for people who may never read it. However, I will continue. It is a friday night and Tahnee and I are at my house in order to plan for 'the trip'. In not very many days (wait will I count on my fingers - 19 sleeps if I counted the right number) Tahnee and my mum and I are heading off. We are going here and there - and when I get a chance I will recount adventures here. In the mean time, there are resumes to write, accomodation and train tickets to organise, and people to email so I'll leave it at that... oh and I need to finish putting away my photos from last time I went galivanting to Europe for 6 months!


kat said...

looking forward to hearing all about your travels, kate. Don't be so busy preparing, that you forget to get excited!

Gonna miss being around you. Take care.

CupKate said...

I'm excitied don't worry - everybody at work today probably thought I'd gone crazy! I couldn't stand still or stop grinning! And that was before they gave me a lovely card and book voucher!