Thursday, June 16

LONDON... what more can i say?

The land of red telephone boxes, double decker buses, castles, and black cabs. Thats right folk - we're n London. That means we survived the flights to Melbourne, Singpaore and then London. Having left home at about 9am Wed 15th, we arrived at our accomodation in London about 7:30am Thursday London time - 31.5 hours later i think. Body clock is munted. Flights were ok - long! Food was ok. Had a nasty (tall and decently large) man behind me who thumped my seat so hard when i put it back just a tiny bit that i was scared to do it again (until there was a flight attendant talking to him and i leaned back just a tad to sleep!). Movies... watched robots, million dollar baby... and some other bits and pieces. Now London.. what to do... palaces? gardens? London eye, british museum, tate modern... what fun! Is just like being in a monopoly board.
And i'm hungry... its not my fault my first breakfast was at 4:30am UK time! And so the adventure begins....

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