Monday, July 4


Today I am sitting in a yellow truck which has free internet connected through a mobile phone on the wall next to me! We have filled out Spanish days full of adventures lately, so I'll see how i go recounting them in the time I have.
Thursday we managed to find a skunk funk shop in Santiago (same brand as a couple of things i bought in spain last year, so that was a priority) then went to mass in Spanish at the cathedral in Santiago. Spent some time later at the internet place, rang Dad, pottered around... did some shopping etc.
The next day we drove to Pontevedra where we stayed in a fancy 'Parador' which used to be a solid palace/fort thing. Enjoyed a wander around the area, had a great vegetarian meal after sitting in one of many squares enjoying surroundings.
The next day we set out for Sabucedo having found out from the tourist info place about the 'Rapa de Bestas' festival on this weekend. Eachyear they round up the wild horses from the hills and take them into the arena in this small village, cut their manes and brand the young ones (originating from someone giving horses to a saint to prevent the plague) as well as having another 3 or so thousand ppl for a big party. Anyway, we met a good looking guy with an Australian Tshirt and got talking to him (he was from canary islands, never been to AUs but worked in UK so had good english)anyway... he and his friend bought us coffee, then we wandered around and enjoyed the atmosphere. Later we went to Tui and looked at the cathedral and stayed out of the heat for a bit.
Had a fwe more adventures going to a the langostina festival (lobster) in A Guarda, and then a drive up the coast and back in the mountains in spain, before staying in another fancy building in portugal.
Having fun!

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