Friday, February 24

First Day!
Well.. just as a nice start to uni life, Tahnee and I headed up to Bicheno when she finished work on Wednesday and spent 2 nights there. It wasn't brilliant weather but it was lovely to have a whole day with nothing to do but walk places, enjoy the day and read and eat! So we did! We stayed in my aunt and uncles' shack which is pretty nice though equally very 'shacky'! We went for a wander to the gulch (not far away) then through 'town' all the way along to the end of Redbill beach.
Anyway, the only bad thing was that we were going to stay till saturday but then uni O day meant being back by friday. So... we got up at the unearthly hour of 5:15, in order to leave by 6, getting us back to Hobart by about 8:13. In plenty of time to go to Dads, have a 2nd breakfast and then get dropped up the hill at the med sci building by Tahnee, ready to meet the masses. I actually knew a reasonably number of people - well at least 4, plus their friends, so I happily mangaed to chat to people and meet people.. and generally survive the day of introductory speeches about the new course, the TUU, TUMSS (high focus on social events with alcohol!) and all the rest! We got a tour fo the clinical school and the sandy bay campus and even admired the path museum - especially the ovary with teeth and hair growing inside! (well not anymore cos its in a jar.. but it grew...!)
So.. now the weekend, and O week is yet to come!

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kat said...

hey dude, i love your new look blog! will be sure to keep checking it - i should update as much as you.

i promise, i'll try to be better!
missing you heaps, and will call soon.