Friday, February 17

yucky needles

I have been very brave... well I thought so! On wednesday I had a blood test to check I have all the right antibodies before starting medicine at Uni and being exposed to all sorts of biological gremlins. I hate needles. Sadly, blood tests involve needles, and up to this point in my life I'd avoided blood tests by being healthy. I'm still healthy but it wasn't good enough it seems. Mum (handy doctor!) wrote the referral to pathology, and then because of my obvious reluctance to go anywhere near the place, she offered to come with me! I said I didn't want to go at all, but as that wasn't an option I she came with me. Luckily the lady was very nice and good at her job and it was quick.. and almost painless but not quite! Sadly there was one other test I had to go to town for - mantoux to check for TB antibodies. I turned up to pathology in town yesterday only to be told they don't do it on thursdays... as you have to return in 3 days time and they aren't there on sundays. So... today back AGAIN for what I thought was a scractch.. but no it was ANOTHER needle. And I got there and sat down before I realised... so I got to be brave again and look away and count... and then it was over! I got a bandaid to cover the little lump it made and to stop any bleeding. But I decided all these needles deserved jelly beans, so I stopped by a chemist and got some to take to visit Jac, my needle phobic friend who had also had reason to be punctured lately!

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