Wednesday, February 1


Last week from the 20th of January until Australia day (26th!) I was at 'Monty' - a camp site just south of here where I have spent quite a bit of time over my life. The reason for me subjecting myself to sleeping on vinyl mattresses in dorms with below average showers was a to be a leader on 'Aquatics' - a sailnig camp for year 9-12 students. The theme was "BIG" so we had some big games - giant volleyball with a fit ball, giant (3 legged) twister, giant Jenga etc. And being aqautics, of course we spent a good deal of everyday at the beach - swimming, kiyaking and sailing. I spent the first day doing capsize drills so every camper had doen a capsize in a boat, then during hte week gave them a few hints about sailnig, but mostly just took them out or sent them off with no idea!! Much mroe interesting to watch. I also had my dads 2 windsurfers down there and showed people how to use them a bit. The weather was brilliant - not great winds tho, but still lovely and sunny and WARM!!!

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