Sunday, March 5

I can almost say that I got through my first weekend of uni life doing no uni work - tho alas I did feel the need to read through some notes, and dig out my old bio folder. But mostly I have kept uni to uni hours (9-5 at uni working in the library in spare time) and everything else out. Whether this can last I don't know. But its worth a try.

Uni life is going well. I skipped 'med welcome' this weekend for my friend Annika's 21st, but even so I feel like I'm getting to know poeple a bit better. I went to the O week concert on Friday night and enjoyed seeing True Live, TZU, Faker and some surprisingly decent fireworks. I managed to see some 'old friends' but also got to catch up with some of the 'new friends' I'd met that week.

But now O week is done and this week is the first 'real' week of uni. Anyway, I'm still enjoying the social aspect of uni - getting to know my med buddies, as well as bumping into everyone else I know at uni - and those I forgot I knew! The work isn't too demanding yet, but on doubt the pace will be increased soon - there's a lot to get throughb earing in mind that we're in hospitals in a bit over 3 years! Yikes!

And jsut to keep me distracted, i'm still doing things like submerge (for gr5+ ev 2nd monday in margate) my age bible study, probably will go to FOCUS at uni a bit, plus i said i'd help run kids church at church for a week or so this term... and i'm doing other fun things like setting out to make hook racks from cutlery, shelves for my bedroom and jewellery cos i can! Phew!

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