Friday, February 17

Aquatics Pictures

So first, the things you can and can't do in or with a sombrero. Yes we had one each... and apparently you can't kiss, or fly.... or ride the maypole... but you can drive over them with a ride on mower... (not pictured!)

Me and Josh....

The dress up night featuring 20s-50s had me stuck for what exactly to wear, but we all had da bit of fun swapping items, doing each others make up and hair... well the chick leaders did! And everyone else looked great. We had our last meal together for the camp and then cleared away the tables to let the swing dancing begin! Glenn and Mel showed us the moves as we did some practice dancing, swapping partners each time we learnt a new move. Then the time came for the DANCE-OFF!! Judges with no necessary skill whatsoever randomly tapped people on the should asking them to leave hte dancefloor. Techincally, leaders were supposed to be removed but somehow, Josh (shown with a lovely hat next to me.. a leader) and Maddy won the show!

And the whole lot of us, in charge for the week. We seemed to do ok, and despite a few broken boats (they don't float) no major injuries, sinkages or other catastrophes occured. (Of course me the sailor rescuing Glenn the kiyaker while I was in a kiyak and he was on the windsurfer was not a major incident... even when we swapped it was no good and we had to tow the windsurfer back with the sail across the board and the kiyak.. but thats nothing!)

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