Tuesday, February 21

UNIque, UNIcorn, UNIntentional, UNIversal, UNImaginative, UNIon, UNIVERSITY.
It has begun.. well give or take a few days. The time of the year/my life when I get to be a uni student! Actually I don't start lectures till the 27th, which is also O week, but I have an orientation day on Friday. But I got my student ID card today so now I can prove that I am indeed a full time student. So I can't really reflect on firdt impressions yet... but when asked how I feel about starting, my usual answer so far is along the lines of excited, keen, slightly nervous but looking forward to having a good peer group. I have had a great 2 years gallivanting around the globe doing this and that, but I have sort of felt disconnected from people. Since being surrounded by people all through school I have sort of missed that. So haing a peer group should. And I know a couple of people in my year group already which is nice - even if one of them is a girl from my school year's little sister! But I'm not much older than them all anyway and who cares about age! So... now my last few days before study and I'm doing important things like car servicing, hair cut and 2 nights in Bicheno at my cousins shack because I can!

This morning I had to go into my old school to pick something up from the art room. It was in fact a print from my year 12 exhibition (ahem.. nov 2003!) that had been chosen for the Art Rage exhibition in TMAG of matric work. It took me this long to get aroudn to picking it up. The walking through my old school experience was a little odd - although it all seems just the same! There are lots of new teachers I didnt' recognise, and the students look bigger than last time I saw most of them.. if I recognised them at all! But I achieved my mission with no dramas and escaped only having to tell 2 teachers what 'I'm up to' this year!

The print I collected was the middle one of these. The one on the right is framed and on the wall by the computer here, and the other is still at school somewhere... when they find it they'll let me know so I can have it back!

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