Tuesday, December 27


Well I've left lovely Rushden where I was living for the past few months - in between being everywhere else!! All I have thought of so far that I've left behind is my toothpaste! Thats aside from an assortment of things I left delibarately which only really included my PJs, some bath things and soap people gave me and some sunscreen because it wouldn't fit! Now I am at the Clowney's house in West London and about an hour I'll be heading off for Heathrow. At 10pm UK time I get the first of 3 flights which will take me home at last! I'll arrive no doubt somewhat sleepy, overdressed for the weather and happy to be home on Wednesday morning Tassie time (6am to Melbourne and a bit later to Hobart). Pity about the flight in between... not long now though!

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