Sunday, December 25

Stockings, Stars and a Saviour.

I've just come back from a Christmas Eve service at Wymington Chapel. It was much fuller than I've ever seen it (more than a dozen!) - actually there were no free pews! I have to say - some of the poems about sleigh bells and snow flakes struck me as irrelevant... having never seen either at Christmas in Australia, and by the looks of things, I won't here either. There is a possibility of snow boxing day, but I'll be heading off then!
Anyway, aside from the poems, someone spoke about the letter 'S'. She'd thought of 3 things starting with S:
Stockings - which I don't expect this year, although I helped 'Santa' wrap things for Helen, Robert and Jenny's stockings.
Stars - in the Sahara desert Max/Mohammed and I climbed a sand dune in the dark and sat and looked at the extremely clear stars. But for me, the stars are different to the way I'm used to - I can make out the saucepan (a part of Orion's belt) but there is no Southern Cross! But of course, at chapel they spoke of the guiding star, the 'star of wonder, star of light' guiding the wise men to Bethlehem. I think I'd like a nice visibile guiding star to follow in my life - instead I seem to have to work a bit harder to what I think, or what I think God wants for my life.
And Saviour. The best gift of Christmas. The reason why people anywhere in the world celebrate Christmas, although they may not say so. I have been trying to make sure I don't get bogged down in 'festive spirit' and remember what its really about. Stockings and gifts - yes, food - yes, decoratings and stars, yes.. but more than that it was the birth a baby that changed the world and still does.
Happy Christmas.


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