Monday, January 2


Happy New Year to anyone who might happen to look at this blog these days.
I have been just a little bit busy (for a change!) in the last few days. To give you a brief run down, I left the UK on Monday 26th of December, arrived in Hobart 12:30 Wednesday 28th after a few hours in Melbourne and Singapore airports on the way. Mum picked me up and we went to the Taste of Tasmania (big even in a warehouse where there are lots of stalls with heaps of Tassie restaraunts and you wander round and eat different things and it is very fun!)
On Thursday i went with Mum and Hamish and Tahnee and her family and her boyfriend and a lot of other people to the Falls Festival in Marion Bay (the first night is a movie night) before another 2 days and nights of music (including New Years Eve) and fun. On Sunday we left Marion Bay along with 13000 other people and had a slow trip back to Hobart - leaving late and arriving by about 5. I met up with my friend Nom at the Taste of Tasmania and watched a busker for a bit. I was at Dads place in Russel Cres (not the house he lives in anymore but he's renovating it to rent out) by 8am this morning doing cleaning and unskilled work and being paid under the minimum wage I'm sure!! After that I met up with Mum and Hamish and 2 of their friends from Canberra and we went in to town to look at the Henry Jones IXL building (a very nice hotel in what used to be a jam factory) and then I met up with some school friends at the Taste again.... phew... I didn't have time for jet lag, though perhaps now is a good time for sleep!

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kat said...

man, i totally forgot to ask you about jet lag! you would have been absolutely nackered at the falls, i bet!

what did you think of the festival this year?