Saturday, December 17

Snowy fun and stuff

I've been having lots of fun here in Östersund staying with some friends I met at the Mirror Sailing World Championships in Tas in 2003. I've been ice skating which was great - mostly good ice on the lake although a few bits were double ice. This is where there is a layer of water between 2 layers of ice, and isn't so good. We kept testing the ice and at one point water came through the first time Anton poked it with the metal 'ice testing poker' (or something) so we turned back! I've also been snowboarding. We went to Åre yesterday and did just a little bit and then today Anton, his sister Emma, and 2 of their friends and I went to Vemdalen and did more. I didn't leave the ski school slopes, but I did improve. I also got much better at getting up after a fall.. mostly because I had a lot of practice at falling. I now have a slightly sore backside and knees but hey, it was great fun! And last night we went to help Kalle put his snow mobile on the trailor and had a little go... that was great fun as well. Especially after I got less nervous and went faster (at first I went too slowly and couldn't make it up the hill!). Not sure what else is planned before I leave Sweden on monday, but its all good fun - and beautiful to see everything covered in snow.

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