Sunday, December 25

'Home' from one trip, soon going 'home' from a bigger trip!

I'm back in England. I spent a night in Cambridge with Myra who went to school with my grandmother and is a lovely lady. She picked me up from the airport on Monday and we had a very pleasant evening together and the next mroning she took me to the bus station. Now I'm back in Rushden with my cousins. I had a day in Pavenham with Hugh and Jo's cousins on Wednesday and a morning with the kids at 'grandma's' (my great aunt Margarets) on friday morning. The days are going by, and now there is only Christmas day and on Boxing Day I leave!
I have arranged to visit Tessa and her family in London on Boxing day (and as it happens do some cleaning for them, because they are going away and need it done and were willing to pay me!!) before heading to Heathrow. Not long now... the Falls, summer, friends, family.... hooray!
When I saw Dad in Morocco he asked if I'd enjoyed my time in England, and whether i'd do it again if I had the time over. I have definately had good times and number of unrepeatable experiences. Its interesting to think about the time - there were some low points but not many. The worst I can think of was unexpectedly losing my job. In fact - I am drinking a bottle of French wine (sharing with Rachel and Gordon) given to me for my brithday and on my 2nd last day of work by the medical secretary. Strange. And at times I did miss people, although I also enjoyed seeing and meeting people here. And many high points.. perhaps i will highlight some in a future post.

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