Monday, July 11


Tahnee has put some photos on her blog (see link on my sight) and hopefully i will get some up today either to here or to my mac site (see other link). And feel free to elave comments on my blog - its nice to know when people have visited!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kate!
How are you?!
Went to the Lior concert and yes while i know that that was a while ago (4 weeks!) i meant to tell you that Lior is going to perform over in the UK from 29th til the 31st of July. He's performing at the festival WOMAD in Reading. Lots of world music. Tickets are expensive though. Roughly 35 pounds for a day ticket. ( i thought i'd let you know anyway!

Love your photos...they just take a long time to load! but that is mainly due to my annoyingly slow internet connection!
Keep having a wonderful time!
love Sylvie