Wednesday, July 20

England and onwards

back in the UK now, fortunately we were no where near when the bombs were in London. We have had a great time in Austria, then just Tahnee and I in Munich then Paris. Lots of adventures and fun but not enough time to write about them. Highlights including a free tour in Munich which took us around royal residences, parks, beer gardens and left us near the 'english garden' which had a bizarre man made wave which people were actually surfing on!! They were so kind - taking turns and then getting out and walking back along the bank to take another turn on the wave. Then in Paris we stayed witha delightful SERVAS host family - they fed us coffee and fresh croissants everyday and had a gorgeos baby Salomé. We climbed up part of the Eiffel tower and got a lift the rest of the way to the top, and also climbed up the Notre Dame tower which had a great view of the gargoyles.
We arrived back in the UK yesterday - picked up from Luton airport by my Mum and grandfather. He had come to see his brother to say goodbye, as David is currently in hospital not doing extremely well. He has lung cancer we think, although it seemed to take an extremely long time to see an oncologist and now the only option is palliative care. In the mean time we are staying with his wife Margaret who has had a huge amount to organise by phone today - planning to drive him somewhere from the hospital for a dose of chemo, but then finding he'd had a fall in the night and he wasn't really well enough to travel so cancelling everything and changing plans. As well as that the phone rang non-stop with people asking how he was - so having to explain it all over and over which was clearly painful.
Tomorrow Mum and Papa fly out from Heathrow leaving Tahnee and I to stay a night with her cousin Brendan. The next day Tahnee leaves then I'm all on my own!! I'm staying with a friend of my aunt's in London before going to Ireland on Sunday with Emily Gough. So all should be good I hope.
If anyone reads this feel free to leave a post and let me know any news or comments or anything from home.
Otherwise - I'm having a great time, although not entirely looking forward to saying goodbye to papa, Mum and Tahnee in the next few days.

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kat said...

hey there kate. sorry i've not commented at all really!

it's great to hear of your travels.
have you caught up with emily at all as yet?

what's your photo count up to so far? Got any major themes going on with them - planning on making any cool postcards??!

things are quite fine here.
semester2 starts next week, and i'm really looking forward to spending time with classmates.

the intensive was certainly...intense. i'm still reeling from a few things that the forge summit brought into perspective.

there were about 600 ppl at the conference, majority being men. that's right. i'd not thought about it much, but most of the people involved with missional/emerging church bizo so far are of the male gender. i met a few ppl that i'll hopefully keep in contact with.

more from you.
i'm sure you'll have more tales to tell once your mum/tahnee leave you :)