Friday, July 22

London Still.. safe and sound

What a day - not entirely the day I'd had in mind as the las day with Tahnee before she heads home and I'm left here. We went into London after a relaxed but fairly late start with Tahnee's cousin Brendan. After a wander around some shops, we had noted the large number of sirens going by. Lunch in a french wine bar where someone said some bombs had gone off 200m from where we were in the West End. Eventually set off to walk somewhere - Euston station was closed, other tubes in the area were closed. Finally got a cab (after heaps went by with a whole 1 passenger) and headed back to Brendans. Have been watching news - no casualties, only detenators perhaps and not bombs. We had heard there was a nail bomb (ie creat carnage) but BBC hasn't mentioned it. So now things are getting back to normal and later we are getting cab - Tahnee to the airport and me to meet Tessa, a friend of my aunt and uncles. So despite being a bit scared stuck in the centre of london, with lots of police and closed roads and transport, we are out now, safe and sound!!

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kat said...

so glad that you are safe, kate.
i've not caught much news about the latest stuff going in london. Please feel free to elaborate as you receive more news from on a closer location.