Sunday, November 18

Birthday and Party (belated post!!)

I had my 21st Birthday on the 26th of October - amazingly already close to a month ago. As I often tend to do, I managed to string the celebrations out for quite some time. I had a birthday party the week before at Republic Bar with the very talented band Tracksuit (Thankyou again to Tahnee for coordinating that one!!) and some nibbles provided by various family members. We even put up streamers and balloons - Dad inflated them, we tied them with ribbons and Jack, Ruth and I decorated the place. There were some speeches, some dancing although we took a little while to get warmed up, some catching up and then for a select few, Syrup afterwards for some more dancing.

Dad, Kate and me

The week of my actual birthday, I had another party/dinner at my cousins house with some family and family friends that have known me quite some time. It was another most enjoyable evening - and it was great that all the different people could come along. The extras made the juggling of different ends of my family that were present a little less daunting - and the whole event went quite smoothly.

Sirocha, Tahnee and Sarah

I think I previously mentioned some of my presents, so now for some much more interesting details - some photos! It is important to mention that the party was themed 'Babes and Bogans' which might explain some of the otherwise curious attire.

Tequila shots all round!

Tahnee making a speech.

Sarah, Sirocha, Me and Carmen

Mum, Me, Jo and my aunt Katherine

Louise, Me and Jo

Me and Tim with bling!

The whole family (Mum's side)

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