Tuesday, November 20

Off to see the world!

The day has come and I'm heading off. I'm all packed (good thing too..) and surprisingly enough, this was more or less the case before midnight last night! First flights are Sydney, San Francisco, ending up in New York. I've got a hostel booked and I'm set.

Also, its crazily expensive to even receive text messages and more so calls, so I'll be turning my message bank off and it would be better if you don't text me for the next 6 weeks unless it is urgent! I'll be back in Australia on the 31st of December. I should have fairly regular email access so if you have my email address, use it, or leave messages here or on facebook!

I'll do my best to put some updates on here from time to time! Or failing that, a whole lot when I'm back!

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S. said...

Welcome to the States and have a great trip!