Monday, October 17

Portsmouth Photos

I think I mentioned I had a lovely weekend in Chichester a week or so ago. On the Sunday before heading home Sarah and Jeremy and I had a wander into Portsmouth where we got to have a good look around the historic harbour - went on a harbour boat tour, and looked over HMS Victory. We didn't quite get up to HMS Warrior, but the ticket is valid for a year so if I get a change I might go back. We also saw the Mary Rose, which was quite impressive (Henry VIIIs favourite battleship) despite being in a large tank constantly being sprayed with waxy something or other to preserve it! Apparently in a few years they can dry it out slowly. I also enjoyed the display of bits and pieces they found on the wreck - tudor crockery, weapons armour etc. Then we went to Gunwharf Quays and had a lovely lunch before heading back to Chichester and me jumping on a train home again!

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