Monday, October 31

Procrastinating... and thats before I'm a student

I am however back to being unemployed. Put nicely, this sucks! I didn't choose to be but on Friday morning only 20 minutes befor ei was about to set off to walk to work, my work agency rang me and said my employer no longer required me. As of that day. Nasty people couldn't even tell me themselves.
Rational me takes over, and I can see that they had just got a new permanent person who'd had to give a months notice and I filled in the gap until she started.
However, my mind is now less forgiving, as I went to the job centre (a regular haunt of old I hadn't missed in the slightest). And there is are 2 jobs advertised for a medical centre through the same agency, so I'm asuming its still them. They are temporary 13 week jobs, but I don't know why the couldn't have kept me in the mean time. Grrrr.
So now I have 1 month before I have planned to go to Morocco (having calculated I should have earned nearly enough by then.. but now Im' not earning its a bit different). I NEED A JOB. There is even a job at Iceland I'm going to ring up about.. its a supermarket where nearly everything is available frozen... I don't think I approve but I don't want to come and stay in England and be unemployed!!
Ok rant over... time to go and ring places and find me some work. I hope.


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