Friday, October 28


Well... it's come and gone, and I'm now officially 19.
I got a message from my friend in Australia with the same birthday as me late on Tuesday night. I replied and said he'd jumped the gun as in my timezone it wasn't yet my birthday.. but then I thought about it and decided in reality, I was born in Australia so it probably still counted! But of course, now I'm in the UK, so it still lasted until the end of the 26th here! I stretch things out however I can!
Anyway enough of that... I had a great day. Thankyou to anyone who sent a text or card - much appreciated. I even had a few little presents to open at home which had arrived in the preceeding days (mail before birthdays is still exciting at then nearly 19!).
I received a couple of very nice cheques in pounds - done my Barclays account some good! Also some little things from Mum - nice necklace and beads, and from Katherine some little cloth dolls which are cute!! Jonathan had hidden some gifts in my room when he visited on the weekend and left clues to find them which was fun. I found a book on Celtic art, a poster he'd spent hours on and some bits from Venice.
Anyway, I had a leisurely morning - the kids are on half term holiday for a week, so we sat around for a while. Rachel gave me a lift to work via Budgens to pick up a couple of packs of tarts and cakes to share at work. At work quite a few people had little gifts and cards for me which was great! I gota great little puppy toy which is sleeping and yawns and snores and its chest goes up and down when you press its foot! Very useful!!! And some nice use-up-able bath/cosmetic type products. In the evening after work Rachel and I went to visit Gregory in his group home - we sat and talked about Australian animals for a bit! Then Margaret came over to the Bates' house for drinks and nibbles and to give me her present - some nice amethyst earrings.
Anyway... enjoyable day, and now its over. I'm back at work and going on as normal. I'm going away for the weekend again - off to Haywards Heath near Brighton to stay with my Nanna's sister. Should be good!
Take care all, and if your in Tassie, enjoy the lengthening days while here it gets darker quicker!


bob said...

A somewhat belated happy birthday!

Incidentally, I heard somewhere that the poster took 12 days. I suppose thats hours...

Random_Clare said...

happy birthday hope u had a great day!