Friday, September 30


Hey all - thanks for the comments here and there! Hope you (ie anyone who ever looks at this) are well. I'm now well into my first week of working.. its friday at last! And the days of the week have come to mean something again! So work... its going fine. The work itself is fine - in some ways more limited than the med reception work I'd done before (only stuff in the office... phones, patients etc) so no steralising or cleaning up stuff. But we also print out the repeat prescriptions for people - it seems a bit different than the repeat system I'm used to at home. But anyway, its going ok. Some bits of the afternoon are a bit slow - like when patients stop coming in around 5:30-6 and we sit there till 6:30 having finished our evening list ages before! But that might get better - next week they are trialing us (the ones that finished at 6:30 which is 2 of us) starting 1/2 hour earlier and finishing at 6.
Also finally got most people's names sorted out now - took me a few days! I still don't know which doctor is which though - 5 drs and 6 nurses... and when someone asks for an asthma check up I'm sposed to know which of them does it!! Ah well I'll get there. Also beginning to see the dynamics within the reception bunch.. more or less a divide between the med escretary and her deputy and everyone else.. and guess who's in charge of hours/pay/duties etc.... yep the secretary! She seems nice enough so far but I guess I may meet another side when I try to arrange some holidays before Christmas... but I plan to quite not long after anyway, so if its an issue I'll quit earlier!! All good.
I'm going to Chichester tonight - south of UK to visit my cousin (give or take a generation.. if you want to be precise Mum's cousin, and Rachel who i'm living withs sister) Sarah and her partner Jeremy. Weather permitting we'll get a sail in but it its not looking good.
I'll keep you posted :)

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Anonymous said...

hey kate,
it's sam finally got around to leaving a comment on here.
well it sounds like your having a fantatic time over there, so glad you found a job (your having better luck then me over here)
will be e-mailing you sometime on how things are.
luv always and take care