Thursday, April 1

Lots of photos of our homely home!

Some housey photos because I've been meaning to for a while... You've already seen a few bits though.

That's the kitchen. But it rarely looks like that... and not that often like the next one (remember the mars bar cheesecake)! Maybe more often, Tim and I cooking together, but then who takes the photos?

This is our cute little unuseful fire place, complete with many wedding cards, and a picture of the garden at my old house by my talented grandmother. Clearly once again I was taking the photos.. but Tim is a great washing fairy! This is also the bathroom, complete with footed bath, however so far I failed to photograph it.

We got a new bed. The shop sadly failed to deliver the one we ordered with drawers, so that will be fixed, but we got to use it anyway - meaning our new queen mattress no longer dangled off the double base. Tim however, got stuck behind it for a moment or two. Not looking forward to unbuilding it to swap it though!

I quite like the outside of the house, maybe except for the crack in the wall! Its got roses and hedges which I'd probably never plant, but are quite attractive. They've even survived all by themselves with only a bit of maintenance here and there so far.
This rose bush had spectacular coloured roses - particularly as they progressed through the shades.

Most of my herbs are quite happy, although a bit catterpillar-fied sometimes, and something had curly leaf, and something else had powdery mildew.. but I'm working on that! We get to eat fresh herbs lots though.

Some other pics of people actually in the house seem to be from Christmas!! We had a Scholes/Smith/Bendall etc afternoon tea here before the big dinner at my grandparents. Pictures here are the Bendall boys beating the Scholes sons (experience comes with age I think!)

Marcus, Tim, Hilary, Martin, Nanna and part of Linden.

Nanna, Mum, Katherine, Papa and Jon's leg.
Our little Christmas tree, by this time minus presents. With Tim's X arcade next to it.. all the better for computer games in retro glory, just like the arcades of the 80s. Works well for 2 player lego batman :) To the left is the TV, to the right is the couch from Kate AD (Dad's wife) and behind are the two armchairs to match.. very comfy.

Come visit us some time (if we actually know you and like you :p ) there's a spare bed :)


Big A said...

Looks great! Reminds me a bit of Jo and Jac's pads; a sort of cross between their Powell St place and the one in Snug.

Mothersupex said...

Nice little pad. I agree with BigA as the homes look similar. Hope you grow some nice herbs, without any eating bugs, and enjoy your lovely little home.

Miss your visits, but patient improving, although developed HUGE D.V.T. which was present on discharge, but not picked up till all swelling, requiring daily injections at L.G.H. but now going to our G.P.


CupKate said...

I guess it is a bit like Powell st and snug - both houses I liked! Maybe thats why I liked the look of this so much - but also the location, size and price! (And also the huge bookshelf, AND the bath with feet!)

CupKate said...

And mothersupex, sorry to hear about daily injections and DVTs - hope the needles do the job to stop it spreading at all. Glad to hear the patient is improving otherwise though.