Saturday, March 20

Chef Timmy

Couldn't resist writing about what will be a hideously unhealthy but hopefully delicious taste sensation that is developing in our kitchen. Its a... Mars Bar Cheesecake. Yep thats 3 twin mars bars (unfortunately there was half a mars bar spare, so we had to check it was ok!).
He got all excited and decided to make it to go with our meal of left over takeaway pizza! I promise our diet isn't usually this bad - only last week we made our friend Tahnee and James a healthy Thai beef salad - one of our frequent meals!
Anyway, I'm writing my assignment while he makes it... except I'm writing about what he's doing!

1 comment:

Big A said...

Hmmmm. And you claim to be a medical student.....

There's always the deep-fried Mars bar, if you want to go the whole hog.