Thursday, April 1

Roast Dinner for 8

On the last Wednesday before Easter (yesterday) a group of us decided to have a special meal to celebrate Easter together, enjoy time together and to remember some of the Passover tradition of the Jews and Christians. The group of people that came was most of 'MCG' or med Christian group who get together roughly fortnightly at each other's houses. We put together an evening of great food and a snapshop of the traditional Passover readings/prayers and bits and pieces! We included things like searching for and throwing any bread out of the house, sweeping the last crumbs out, symbolically letting Elijah in, the Sedar plate full of strange things, and eating unleavened bread and roast lamb. It was all a success I think - I hosted it at our house (sadly while Tim was away in the Tarkine working)

Catering was a slight challenge for me - not really knowing how much 8-9 uni students eat when offered a good roast meal (some of those boys are very tall) so I guessed over rather than under - consequently we've got some excellent left overs. We tied plenty of rosemary onto the pre-marinated lamb legs, as well as poking in some bits of garlic. Jackie, Ruth and I had quite a fun time preparing everything - cooking up a storm with gin and tonic in hand!

The other tray of pumpkin and sweet potato that was on top was already cooked by this time so was out for a while, and the cheesy cauliflower and broccoli was yet to go in, (as was the brownie for dessert).
All laid with our shiny new things. And pretty white roses from Ruth's front garden, and mini pinks from ours (luckily they grow all by themselves).
There's wasn't even too much left to do when people arrived!

That's the bread, thrown out the door! An action shot would have been better!

Thats the Sedar plate with symbolic bitter herbs and salty water, honey, apple and nut paste to symbolise mortar and sweet things, as well as the egg for something to do with the temple.
And then it was time to tuck in!Happy eating pictures!

Next year, in the new Jerusalem?

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