Sunday, February 14

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, I used to do exciting things and write a blog. Even then, it was intermittent. Now I do exciting things, and haven't posted here for a while!

If anyone ever reads this, and knows me, you would know that in the last 6 months I had end of year exams, my wedding and honeymoon, Christmas (well everyone had that) and New Years at the Falls Festival, and 4 weeks of elective medical placement over my summer holidays. Then I started uni again in final year medicine. I didn't want to write much about the wedding plans before the wedding as there were lots of suprises, and since then, apparently I have been either internetless or busy most of the time!

Anyway, all is going well. I will devote a whole post to the wedding at some stage - perhaps with some previously secret dress making pics as I quite like them. I am enjoying married life with Tim and we like our little house. We are settling into routine well with me back at university.

Here are a couple of pictures of the last few months:

Our friends Megan and Vernon's wedding

And at the reception - Tim and I with Mum and Hamish

An end of year uni party at my (old) share house

A wedding shot!

And another.

Celebrating New Years at the Falls Festival - with safety precautions in place

I spent 2 weeks at Tenterfield Hospital in NSW, and got to practice lots of clinical skills. I made friends with a 6 year old and fixed her Cookie Monster (even if she didn't know he was broken!)

Our best friends James and Tahnee got married last weekend - it was a lovely wedding at his farm with the reception at Stonefield. It was a great day!

Tim and I both got to be in the bridal party - 'matron' of honour and equal best man! It meant we got to have matching outfits!

At Festivale yesterday, the Launceston equivalent of the Taste but in the City Park... Tim's brother Marcus was part of a campaign called 'To Write Love on Her Arms' combatting depression and self harm and other nasty stuff - we obliged and had love written on us.


Jac said...

Yay Kate is back! Lovely to see some more pics of you all. Sounds like you've had a hectic but transformative six months. Maybe the title should be once upon a lifetime :D

See you soon!

Big A said...

Ah Kate, we all get blog-guilt! I blame the too-great diversity of communication modes: shall I Tweet? Post of Facebook? Blog? Email? Call on the mobile?

Great to see the pics and catch up a bit. I hope you've sen your Ma and Hamish tramping the West Coast on Traveling Bears; one more post to come there, belatedly (oops, my blog-guilt is showing).