Monday, August 4


I'm in Burnie at the moment on a 2 week placement. I haven't really done that much GP-ing considering its my GP placement, but its been fun anyway. We did a few things on the weekend in the area - Tazmazia, Latrobe shop Reliquaire, Sisters Beach walk and Penguin Market as well as dinner at the Sheffield pub, and some washing and sleeping in etc! Today was a bit drive from Burnie, to Rosebery, to Zeehan, to Queenstown, to Strahan, back up the coast to Zeehan and home through Rosebery! It was in theory to visit the different medical centres/set ups, which we did but that wasn't that useful (though interesting enough to see), but it was a nice trip and hopefully I got some good photos!
Back on Friday!


Clare said...

You may have had other things to do - I can think of just a few - but I don't know about better - I think this is great, except I can't get that song clip out of my head.

Jac said...

Reliquaire? Zomg that's my home town! Did you get to the chocolate truffle place? D'anvers? (might have the spelling wrong but well worth a trip)

Hope the placement is going (went?) well. Miss you!