Sunday, August 17

Famine Finished.

This last weekend was the annual 40 Hour Famine! I remember doing the 8 hour famine back before I was old enough for the 40 hour version, and in between there was even a 24 Hour Famine! Having done a food famine just about every year since then, I think I must be looking at about 9 years worth of fasting for World Vision! Once again, I helped out at the youth group sleepover at church. I slacked off a little as I was at an engagement party and came on later after all of the games and things - the girls were all in the back room and the boys in the main hall - both watching their second movie as they'd swapped DVDs! They were all quite settled - just some quiet whispers, not-so-faint glows of mobile phones as they texted each other or possibly the boys in the other room, and the wrinkle of barley sugar wrappers! All went well, I got nearly enough sleep before being woken by a bunch of boys with pillows (they missed me though!) and we've raised over $1800.

The engagement party was actually at my house and was for my good friends Jack and Ruth. There was a good crowd of med/church/school/Margate/family/random friends for both of them - and everyone's contribution of plates to share meant there was more than enough food! (Some re-appeared for our famine breaking feast after church today!).

Otherwise, I'm back into uni after my little break in the NW. Now that the famine is done, I'm focusing on 'Red Day' on Wednesday, and then RED PARTY! Then it'll be more OSCEs/Eskies/exam thingys for my current rotation. I may just need to do some work before then!!

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