Thursday, May 10


We really did go to Agfest - and I can prove it. Didn't get around to many other pics for rural week - but they would either have been of boring/confidential hospital stuff or med students embarrassing themselves, so its probably for the best. The first is actually on the way to Longford in the dark - you can't really tell but there were 4 separate laptop viewings of DVDs. Toshi did not participate as Toshi didn't make it past the showgrounds from town. Ah well - I am happy so long as there is a power cord around.

The rest are Agfest - Jack caught a fish (we also patted a dead shark, saw some frozen fish, admired anenomes in tanks, guessed how much water to feed sheep/cows/pigs/broccoli or apples...; very agricultural!)

Jack was keen to buy an akubra - maybe he wanted more friends?

Ruth and I inspected irrigators (my Boat Harbour friend Tom said he was keen to see the irrigators so I thought I should have a look too). By this point we'd had free eye checks, free stress ball and stress cow, and admired various ways of water disposal and solar/wind electricity. There were some good ideas but I'm not sure what my neighbours would think of a large turbine on my roof, or waste water collecting tank in my garden!

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