Wednesday, May 16

Out and about

I'm doing my best to make myself stay home and work. That is apart from having seen 2 movies this week (dvd and at movies), going to aquatic centre with youth group, having coffee at Oomph twice, Lazenbys once.... but tonight I'm working hard. Or I was until I discovered the wireless network router has had settings changed (Kate took it to school to get them to try to make her computer laptop work with it) and now neither of us can connect - before only I could! So... no luck there.

The movies were interesting - 28 weeks later. Not really my kind of movie in some ways, and I did shut my eyes for bits. The previous movie (that I watched on dvd that day before) was more thriller - on the edge of seat but not just gross. The second was a little more graphic and I just didn't want to watch as they shot lots of people! Anyway-it was cheap tuesday so all good.

Not just else to report for now...

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Joanna said...

ooooh, I see you've been watching House MD! Isn't it fun? Jac even enjoys it! Not sure what season we're up to here but it's good. He's such an odd character, so unlikeable in so many ways, which makes him all the more compelling for mainstream television!
Miss you lots,
J & J