Monday, March 26

Not what I should be doing... as usual!

I keep thinking of all these fun things I'd like to do - play more board games, take more photos, have more cups of tea with people... read random blogs, look at strange animations, make books, read books, call people, listen to music, play guitar, teach myself Spanish or Swedish... and some of these things I can make time to do in little bits on pieces of time. But I keep avoiding things that do need tob e done - study, scholarship applications and sleep! Ah well - I did have a busy weekend, including seeing Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen on Sunday night, and Dream Masons tonight - both part of 10 Days of the Island and most enjoyable.

Time for me to make a cup of tea and settle into my pharm logbook before I fall asleep - nearly 45 minutes since i told myself I'd start and I haven't done much except delete about 250 songs from itumes (I had 4GB of duplicated music!). Its still a mess and I don't know that I like itunes but don't know if I feel strongly enough to change...

I also need to think of a costume for the TUMSS cocktail party on Saturday - halloween and horror theme. Any ideas? Last weeks dress up party on Friday went well - 'P' theme - I did Portrait and carried a frame. I will add photos but not right now. I know I've said that for a lot.. but one day there could be a lot of photos!

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