Monday, March 5

Reposted Pictures

Sometime towards the end of last year my 'big-sister' Jo went to Texas to be with Jac. She took with her a cat-rabbit creation - but before they went I got a shot of cat-rabbit and Purry playing with Cooper's new train set. I wonder if Cat-Rabbit will be as much of an explorer as my small creation from Jac. Below is cat-rabbit looking (or not looking) out over Kingston from Jo's parents place the day before they left. And an old picture of my small travelling companion surveying the garden of a friend of my grandmother's from Cambridge - ready for an adventure! I think those 2 would be friends if they ever meet! (Even if they are both made from cloth!) (And I hope I didn't spoil anything by posting these briefly earlier... I hadn't realised cat-rabbit was a Christmas present :/ oopsies)

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Joanna said...

Hey sweet girl,
How lovely to see Purry and Duffel playing with Cooper's train set! It seems like so long ago! Can't wait till we are all in the same place again. Let's try and talk soon?
Much love