Sunday, April 9

Hello hello little blog. I haven't written much for a while. I put some pictures up recently which as I think is evident are from the superhero theme med cocktail party from last week. It seems like longer ago already, but it was a lot of fun. Perhaps there is a good reason for not writing much about it... there were a lot of people in varying costumes drinking lots of alcohol. That just about sums it up :)
Other than that, life has been filled up with uni, avoiding studying, helping with Submerge (margate christian church youth group for year 5-10), being at kids church, and the other odd social events. I've been to a few gigs - Bomba at republic a week ago were great, and last Friday I saw Tahnee's boyfriend Andrew's band 'Vinyl Pilgrims' which were also good fun - though Syntax is not the classiest venue I've been to!
Last wednesday was my aunt Katherine's book launch which was great. We unfortunately got there a little bit too late for the actual speach which apparently went well, but there were masses of people crowded into the Hobart Bookshop doing their best to enjoy the wine, cheese and company without knocking any books off shelves! Then we went out for dinner afterwards with Kath, Roger, Jon and Linden as well as Hilary, a Bicheno friend Mary (i think) and Jo. Sadly Jo can't eat seafood which is the main fare at Fish Frenzy. However it was a pleasant evening.

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