Wednesday, April 19

Easter Time
Happy Easter! I've had a fun few days - jam packed full of eating, socialising and very sparse on uni work. Fine by me. Good Friday was largely spent eating breakfast with Tahnee and her Mum Peta, then making blockheads (Gumby's nemeses) for our Nemesis party which was Sunday night. We decided it could be quite fun to be a graffiti artist - spray cans are fun. Although - i did end up with some wierd spotty skin disease (paint!) on my hands and wrist!
Saturday night I went out to see Attic Grooves with Sarah P and then to the after party in Battery Point - sat around there, drank beer and danced the night away. Walking through Battery Pt at 3:30am is very quiet. Then up early on Sunday (9!) in time for church at 10. A quick stop at the Margate antique shop afterwards to poke around with Mum and Hamish then home for lunch... sleep, then out to Tahnee's house sitting house in Tinderbox for the Nemesis party. Sadly (and probably due to it being Easter Sunday) not many people came, but those that did had fun. And Mum and Hamish got to visit twice - first to say hi early on, but then I rang them again to come and rescue Holly's car with the subaru when she got it stuck on a drain. 2 jacks later (the first one was fully extended so we used a brick and a second jack), a plank under the front bumper where it was stuck on a rock, and the subaru with towball... and it was free again! And I got to be the one sitting next to the car jacking it up - but on the uphill side because the car looked too precarious to sit under!!
Other than that the Easter holidays have been spent watching movies (Earthsea, Mission Impossible) and Season 2 of Spooks.
I have also finally managed to cut out two print plates which with any luck I'll test out this afternoon. Not as much artyness as I might have got up to this holidays, but ah well. Not as much study either but exams are approaching so I should get into gear.
And now back to uni tomorrow...

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