Wednesday, April 19

And our other faces - with mouths. Suitable for drinking with straws. Not suitable for jelly shots. Posted by Picasa


JacWabbit said...

Hi gorgeous,

These look amazing! You'll have to have another party now ;)

So good to see a familiar backdrop too. Cluttered? Never!

Hugs ^_^

CupKate said...

Haha. And when I put up my new shelf in my bedroom I emptied a cupboard onto my floor... so my room's not half cluttered either!!
(maybe its sabotage so no-one will buy the house....nah not really... I'm just slack and messy!) But at least the cds are getting tidier on my little shelf!

And there will be another party...sometime! Someone suggested we go in to the costume hire business - sounds great except they took SO LONG!